Ever have one of those days when it didn't feel worth it to get out of bed?

Many years ago we did a series of (at the time) very chancy co-operative ads for books.  Our client was a major bookstore chain who wanted to put some life into their book signing promotions.  The image above was shot for a book entitled: Men, An Owner's Manual."  It was written by Stephanie Brush.  We thought this image was quite a funny spoof of the book title.  So did the bookstore chain.  The publisher did not.  They were not amused.

The bookseller decided to run with it and the book signing events were an enormous success.  Seems a lot of people agreed with the humor and the premise and they came out to see what the fuss was all about.  An alternative viewpoint is part of the rich brew of creating.  Sometimes it works.

The above image was shot on Tri-X film in a 35mm Canon F1 with a 35mm lens.