A nod to the square.

Kitchen Cabinets in the afternoon sun.

Panasonic GH2+Olympus PEN FT 40mm 1.4 lens, ISO 160 or 320,  Daylight white balance.  Manual Exposure. Manual Focus. Handheld.


Philip Ho said...

Minimalist, and the texture of the fabric could fool one into mistaking this for a painting on canvas.

Glad to see you're back to enjoying yourself.

Anonymous said...

Really glad you took up the GH2, it's a very diferent camera. I have C3 with 6x6 B&W, C2 4/3 Color and C1 16:9 Color. Its now my main work camera, sold everything and only use: 25mm schneider Cine Xenon 1.4, Zuiko's 50mm 1.4 and 135mm 2.8. Gorgeous workflow! Best wishes.

João de Medeiros
(from Portugal)

Wally Brooks said...

I read your article about working in Square and it got me thinking about this format. Now i have to go out and try it! I would not have given it much thought with your comments even though I shoot film and digital! I am going to dig out my Yashica 124g for some street shooting too!

Wolfgang Lonien said...

Amazing photo! Oh, and after reading your article over at T.O.P., I went and played around using different aspect ratios myself. You're right; the ability to see everything in the camera before even taking a shot makes a big difference indeed. Thanks for pointing this out.

Philip Ho said...

From looking at the times at which all the above comments were made, you can see that people enjoy starting their day by reading this blog. Haha.