Today's Walk in Downtown Austin. Part One.

I went out for a walk with two cameras, which is unusual for me.  I didn't use one of them at all, which is most unusual for me.  The one I used should be familiar enough to you by now.  It was the Olympus EP3 and the lens on it was the 45mm 1.8.

I walked along with one camera over my left shoulder and the Pen on a strap in the middle of my chest.  As I walked along Colorado St. I saw a fun, old fashion telephone handset re-conceived for the iphone.  The handset was in a window display so I went into the shop to see what the handset was all about.  I bought one.  And as I pulled out my credit card to pay for my purchase I looked up and directly into the eyes of this sales person.  Of course I asked her if I could make a portrait.  She was fine with that and her two associates were quick to point out that she'd recently been in a photograph in Tribeza Magazine.

I thought this person was interesting enough to deserve her own blog post.

Here is a variation:

Technical Details:  Close in with the EP3 and the 45mm 1.8.  Shot as raw files.  Aperture automatic.  f3.5,  1/30th of a second exposure time.  AWB.  Face Detection AF, closest eye.

If you smile and ask most people are happy to collaborate with you to make a photograph.

The top image was post processed in Snapseed.  The bottom photo was post processed in Lightroom.


  1. lovely eyes. i need to start wearing hats again..

  2. I'm curious about the F3.5 setting. Do you find, with a 45mm lens, that that provides the "optimal" DOF for portraits (on m43 sensor)?

  3. Peter, No. I found that it was the right compromise of exposure settings in the moment.


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