A really great blog on change and competition by one of our readers:


Randall Armor is a veteran photographer and teacher and he's written a really good blog on competition and change in the world of photography. It's a great read. And, as soon as I finish what's in the queue in front of me I'm going to settle in and start reading his other blog posts. If they are as good as this one I'll be quite happy.

If you disagree, disagree with Randall. I'm just pointing you in the right direction...


  1. The Randall Armour blog is an echo of your own recent, accurate, and frequent comments. Any self-employed professional who is not attuned to their professions trends is doomed.

    1. I just thought Randall wrote it more elegantly than I.

  2. Yep. No arguments here. When I was a kid in college I worked for an old skool portrait studio owned by 2 brothers who were, ye gods, about the age I am now. They shot old skool, too. Posed, lit with direct flash, their photos looked dated about 5 years before they hired me. About that time, a guy named Bill Stockwell was shaking things up by teaching wedding shooters to ditch the flash, use window light, etc, to produce soft focus, double-exposed, misty, romantic, shaky, pretty corny, but different-looking wedding pix. The old guys were flumoxed. They couldn't let go and do it. So they annointed me. I ended up shooting 2-3 wedding per weekend, at near minimum wage, until I graduated. At that point they tried to sell me the studio, but I had had enough. I thing I've shot 2 weddings since 1977. The mamarazzis can have the weddings, AFAIC.


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