Old Magazine Assignment. My Three Favorite Chefs of the Moment.

Emmett. Owner of Asti and Fino Restaurants. 

Marion. Owner and Executive Chef of La Traviatta

Peter. Chef to the world.

 I'm leaving for Boston on Monday. Tonight I'll write my last two blogs until next Friday. This is one of them. These images were done a long time ago. The magazine assignment was to figure out my five favorite chefs in Austin and to write a small profile of each one which would touch on their significance in the Austin foodie scene.

These are the three scanned files that I found today on a CD rom I burned over twelve years ago. I did the assignment with a Leica M6 camera, a 90mm Summicron lens, a 35mm Summicron lens for Emmett, and Tri-X film. I printed each one before I did a final scan for the magazine.

I thought about them today because I was querying my chef friends for restaurant suggestions in Boston. Looking at the images today reminded me of how much autonomy we had in our styles back then. It was fun.

I'll be ignoring the blog until Friday the 15th. If you get all vitriolic in the comments you'll still get moderated. I've given my dog the password and she's a ferocious editor. And fiercely loyal...

One more blog coming.


  1. I really like these portraits. Simple, accessible, and revealing, yet also elegant.

    The catchlights in the eyes suggest that you used some big, soft sources to light these, but the illumination is subtle. At first glance they look like they're lit by natural window light. Nicely done.

  2. Beautiful. Stuff shot on film just seems so much better. Even now after years of digital.

  3. Now this is what environmental portraits are all about. Really nice.

  4. Kirk, what is with all the re-posting from the recent past?

    1. Some of the posts got toasted by a glitch in Blogger so I'm adding them back in because I like them. Wouldn't want all the people who only come to the site once in a while to miss out...

  5. Keep this going please, great job!


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