It got hot this week. I'm pretty lazy but when the temps. reached 104+(f) I decided to head out into the sun, walk around and shoot some video.


Be sure to click "HD" to see it in high def.

I shot this with a small camera. It was the Samsung NX300. I was surprised at how well it handled the lighting extremes. Not a big project just an afternoon of shoot and edit and upload. All done now.

No client. Just playing.

Studio Portrait Lighting


  1. "I'm pretty lazy……"

    I've read too many of your blog posts to fall for that one, Kirk!

  2. Great video that captures the spirit of Austin. Thanks Kirk.

  3. Here in Normandy (France) it's 68 / Air 64 / Sea

    Much nicer than many imagine, if there are not too many clouds!

  4. Nice video. It tells a good story and shows Austin's character.

    Where I live joggers disappear and bikes come out when the temperature rises above 90. In many places swimming pools are the place to be when it gets hot.

  5. This is a plea for relief of ignorance, not criticism:

    What is there about this form of video that causes the skip displayed in continuous motion?

    When people walk with an even stride, they're often seen to take one-step, two-steps, three-steps, three-and-a-half.....one-step, two-steps, three-steps, three-and-a half.
    A dog continuously wagging its tail wags in 3/4 time with an almost imperceptible pause at the end of each measure or beginning of the next. And so on.

    Is this in the original flow of video as seen from the camera? Or an artifact of some transcoding in editing? Or does it happen in the upload to and streaming from Vimeo?

    1. I'm sorry. I don't understand. Can you give me some details and I will go and look?

    2. (Ignore if a duplicate -- I tried sending from my iPod and screwed up.)

      I realized that what I was seeing may be a product of the cheap video card hardwired into motherboard of my inexpensive computer. Let me try to see the same thing on my wife's iPad and our TV via Roku. If it's not there, then once again I've failed to engage brain before typing.

    3. OK, the trouble is in my set. Or, in this case, my computer.

      Viewing the same material on my wife's iPad and via Roku on our TV shows no such problem. What's the proper emoticon for consternation...mortification...extreme red-facedness?


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