Racecar said...

The quality of a portrait is improved dramatically by the quality of the Subject. And this is a good example of this concept. Just like recording music: your recordings become far better when you're recording an excellent, professional band or a virtuoso musician.

Lanthus Clark said...

Thank you for often showing the pull back shots so we can see your lighting set-ups, I learn more from that than from a 1000 words giving a detailed description!

I think the success you have in creating your beautiful style of portrait comes from the simplicity of your lighting. It's just the right amount of good quality light to do the job without showing off. ;-)

Have a great day!


ODL Designs said...

Now just personally, i prefer the exposure on her face in the behind the scenes shot. I am not sure I like the second image, seems to be just a tad harsh... but that is my opinion.