My friend Andy has a very nice review of the Olympus EP-5 here's the link:


He's really into mirrorless cameras and has been shooting with m4:3 cameras for a couple of years, almost exclusively. He has some fun insights about camera design. It's a nice read.


Anonymous said...

Cheers kirk (and Andy).
When my trusty EPL1 gives us the ghost, I'll be looking to pick up an EP5 to replace it.

I've long since found the techy side of camera specs well exceed my needs, but the difference as to how they handle makes all the difference. The Pens are just lovely to use.


atmtx said...

Hi Mark,

I hope I wasn't too techy in my review. I wanted to give real world examples and a good user perspective for how it feels in hand.


Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Just right.

Richard Leacock said...

Ditto on the "just right" review. Had the pleasure to use/handle the camera for a short time and had a similar positive reaction about the camera. Coming from an Olympus EP3 it ticks all the right boxes to make it a marvellous photo tool. Andy's site is always a must to stop by and visit.

atmtx said...

That's good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...

yep, "just right" Andy. It gets tedious reading all the online reviews poring over specs - what I want to know is how the camera feels to use in practice. The controls on the EP5 look ideal for how I shoot and so the slant of your review (and the tack that Kirk takes with his reviews) was very helpful.

A camera that's a pleasure to use and that delivers results that are pleasing is what I got with the EPL1 and it's what I'm pretty certain the EP5 will deliver when I finally get one (once the early adopter premium has disappeared).

Thanks for taking the time to report on how you found it.


Frank Grygier said...

Thanks for your insight Andy. I am enjoying the E-P5 immensely. It has become my go to camera. The EVF is nothing short of amazing. I like the look of it too!