I wrote an article about lighting for Photo.net. You can read it there.

Here's the link: http://photo.net/learn/lighting/going-big/

If you read the blog you already know the punch line.  Something to do with really big scrims....

I'm still in Denver. We photographed kids on horses today and I spoke lots of words about photography into video cameras. It all went very well. We wrapped a little early so I was able to drive my rental car, a very small Fiat 500 back to the Magnolia Hotel in Denver without jousting with rush hour traffic. Which, apparently, Austin doesn't hold a patent on.......

I'll be back in Austin this week and at the end of the month I'll be heading up to NYC to attend all three days of PhotoPlus. Should be an absolute blast!!!

My "new school" hippy friend, Noellia
Shot with the Samsung Galaxy NX camera.
No incense sticks were harmed in the making 
of this portrait.


  1. Very nice article on portrait lighting, Kirk!

  2. One of your best portraits. At least for my taste ...

  3. Can't wait to see your kids on horses pics, since it's pretty much all I shoot these days !

  4. Great article, Kirk!

    I'm finding myself more and more drawn to portraiture. I may break down totally and buy the 75mm Zuiko for my EM-5. I definitely intend to set up an experimental studio in the house. There isn't much (any) stand-off distance, so it will be interesting to see how the light plays out.

    BTW, I was in my local electronics superstore recently and saw Noellia's picture on the cover of a box of CD/DVD labels: "I recognize that lady!"


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