Monday's location. Red Rock. Wow!!!

The Pentax K-01 lived on the passenger seat of my Fiat 500 rental car all week long. The only lens I have for it is the 40mm pancake so of course all the images were ones that worked well with a slightly long focal length. The video crew loved the yellow camera. We even used it in a shot...

I have to admit that it was fun to drive the tiny roller skate car around the curvy roads. With a little more power to play with we might have been able to out accelerate that ancient tour bus....

Fiat 500 not recommended for any photographer with more gear than a cellphone and one of those hipster hats....the Pelican case almost didn't fit in. We used some teflon grease as a last resort.


  1. Lovely Kirk
    OT but wanted to get your attention..
    if your back in Austin this weekend Olympus announced an event at your favorite camera shop ...

  2. Nice as always Kirk.
    A little OT but Olympus is having a OMD EM-1 event with takeout loaners at your favorite camera shop ;-)
    if your back home this weekend



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