I have a small reader request.

 If you are a regular reader of the blog but have not signed up as a "Follower" of the VSL blog would you please consider doing so? It costs you nothing but it helps me to have a feeling of who is out there and for whom I am writing. It also makes me feel that spending time doing this also means spending time building a community of like minded people.

The following applet is just over there on the right. If you get this via a reader please take a moment to go directly to the site and "sign up."  You don't have to but I'd sure appreciate it if you did.....

Thanks, Kirk

edit note: Three images below from a freezing, downtown, twilight walk added to the post as a sincere "thank you!" to all the people who stepped up and signed in. Thanks!

edit note 2: If you aren't on Google+ and can't do the sign in, don't worry about it. I'm happy you are here and reading my stuff on a regular basis. Thank you.  Kirk

All images done monochrome in camera. Panasonic GH3+ Olympus 12-50mm lens.


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Brandon Scott said...

Kirk, I have been following your blog almost from the beginning. My style of photography is different from yours (birds and nature) but I enjoy your photography and esp your comments. On your recommendation I bought a G3 and pocketful of primes. Now I have GX7 which I love. I use it for travel and just walking around, a habit I picked up from you.
Keep up the good work and keep on following your own light. It has illuminated others. I know it lights up my photography and has pushed me to try portraits and even a little video. I probably won't post again, but I'm cheering for you. Brandon Scott

Anonymous said...

Well, I would love to be the follower, but I am not GO, TW, AIM, NET, FB, Open ID, Name/URL etc member
so alas, have to remain Anon.

Nevertheless, your blog is very informative and extremely inspiring. Love your speech text. So many secrets, but all so important and pointed. Excellent!

MikeR said...

I receive email versions of your blog (besides reading it religiously). Does the email mean I'm already a follower?

MikeR said...

I receive email versions of your blog (besides reading it religiously). Does the email mean I'm already a follower?

Larry C. said...

OK Kirk,

I've been following for a few years, and finally caved in to your request. After over forty years of film photography I bought my first digital camera about two years ago, an Olympus XZ-1.

Most of my images are used for my personal use in my water colour paintings, and family gatherings. I haven't been to Austin since the early 1970's, and probably wouldn't recognize the place. Keep up the good work.


Larry C.

Hendrik said...

Sorry no Google account for me.

Anonymous said...

Tried to follow and comment but can't work out the google thingy and gave up...another anonymous person! I am Ann, from Sydney and read your blog most days and enjoy it. I am also a regular swimmer so if you ever get around to recommending goggle brands (that don't fog up) I would like that. Really enjoyed your speech to the students and felt quite inspired.

David Akesson said...

Hi Kirk,
from Perth in West Australia.
In December I returned to Olympus - a total circle. From a couple of Olympus OM2n film cameras through 2 Nikon D70 digital to Canon 5D Mk2 and now to the new Olympus OM-D EM-1 system. All the previous were amazing technology at the time but this system is lightweight. Sharp as. And the best stabilization going around.

will be interesting to see what impact these new smaller DSLR's coming onto the market will have on the heavyweights.

John Glover said...


I've been following your blog as well as Mike Johnston's for several years. however, the social media thing is not for me and i do not have a Google+ nor want one. if there is a way I could follow strictly via Google that would be fine but I just do not do the social media thing, Facebook and Google+.


Unknown said...

OK fine I'm in

Unknown said...

Hi Kirk,

From Melbourne, Australia ...
I lived in (and loved) Austin from 1994 to 2007 ... but didn't discover your blog until just afterwards, when my fascination with the 'visual science' was also rekindled.

Now your writings are a regular delight for me ... on several levels. Thanks!

George McKenzie said...

Kirk, Hello from Falkirk, Scotland. Just signed up and I too have been reading and enjoying your posts on an almost daily basis. Your observations on life are as interesting as your knowledgeable reviews and comments. Very informative and entertaining.
Thank you.
Ps Very good speech

George McKenzie said...

Hello from Falkirk, Scotland. Just signed up and I too have been following you on a regular basis and enjoy your observations on life as much as your knowledgeable reviews and comments. Very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.
P.S. Good speech.

Anonymous said...

Love to follow Kirk, I get your pages through my news reader, but I don't do Google Plus, sorry! Chris R

Anonymous said...

I don't do Google either but I check your blog most days.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog almost daily since 2 years or even longer. I am neither on Google nor on Facebook so I cannot be a follower and have to remain anonymous. Keep your work and this blog going! I appreciate what you are doing.

cj goad ~ photography said...

Not sure whether I'm on the follower list but I have a link to your site and come by on a regular basis. Hope I've been able to send some traffic over the last few years. You certainly have my support.

Jpassaneau said...

I'd love to, what button do I push?

Unknown said...

Kirk, I have been reading your blog ever since Mike of TOP posted your announcement that you were throwing in the towel - thank goodness you did not after hearing from your many followers! I find your posts very thought provoking and enlightening. They also allow me to keep up with whats doing in Austin - one of my favorite cities in Texas. I lived in Dallas for five years and always enjoyed my visits to your fair (and weird) city. Keep it weird!!
Your advice to the young photographers was spot on in my opinion and should be very helpful to those who heed your advice and put your secrets into practice.
I have signed up as a follower of your blog as you requested and will continue looking forward to reading it daily.
Thanks for taking the time from what is obviously a very busy life to share what you do each day - it is very much appreciated by me! Bud

Frank Page said...

Hi Kirk,

I hope that leaving this comment makes me a follower. I have been reading your blog for years now and really appreciate your comments on the art of photography, the business aspects, and introducing me to mirrorless cameras. Substituting a sony nex 6 for my dslr was/is great, really making photography easier and more fun. So thanks and keep at it.


Lawrence Siegel said...

I am indeed a follower of your site and a very interested reader. Unfortunately it appears that to be a Google Follower, as you have so politely requested, one must take a Google email address and that I am not willing to do. Sorry. I hope this comment will help some.

Lawrence Siegel

Unknown said...

Kirk, just signed up! I've been following your blog as a lurker for a few years (my first comment) and I'm a bit in awe of how you work full time, yet still find time to write thoughtful, almost philosophical daily commentary in your blog. Thanks for all the insight.

Ron Nabity said...

Kirk, I thought I was already signed up as a follower - I clicked again just in case.

I'm glad you stick with it - I know the craziness can be frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I am not on any of the social media links mentioned and so must remain anonymous. Please know though that my daily routine includes checking in on your site which unceasingly provides me with varied and thought provoking insights. Please keep it coming.
PS. Enjoyed reading your speech tremendously.

Unknown said...

Hi Kirk,

Thanks, I look forward to your posts popping into my email every day. As a photographer in Melbourne, Australia it is nice to read your honest comments and to see that you encounter similar issues to me.

Keep up the good work.


Dave Jenkins said...

Kirk, as you know, I have been a regular reader of your blog from the beginning. I would like to upload a photo of myself, but for some reason am unable to do so. I have tried everything from 50x50 px on up, and with jpegs and pngs, but no luck. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk,
I'm from Malaysia.
Been getting your blog posts via email for a couple of years now. Don't really like Google the company, so I won't be signing up. But do know I read your posts daily and will continue to do so.
Thanks for the great work!
Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, as many others, I have been following your blog for several years, it is always a great and often educational read. But not being on Google+, I can not count as one of your followers.

Lenya R.

Anonymous said...

The biggest point of commenting anonymously here is not the chance to say something anonymously, but not to have to use Google, FB or any other of those entities to log in and say something.
Sometimes it's very refreshing not to have anything to with them. Not even Wordpress, Disqus or whatever.
Even the online cattle need a break at times. :)

Anonymous said...

Kirk, FYI like others have said, I follow by reading VSL, and TOP, everyday. You and Mike are both great writers, so I'll let you decide what to write about; whatever the subject I'll read it.
Thanks for the blog, John

Unknown said...

Well, I don't see any 'follow' thingy to the right, just the usual row of icons below the post; is posting a comment and using my Google account to do it sufficient?

Hope so.

Hendrik M said...

I have followed your blog because of your guest review on PanaLeica 25mm on other website (forgot which one). Ever since that day, once a week i checked out your page because i love your style of photography (previously i have done a couple of small projects quite similar to yours, company profile and such) and looking for compact solution for my work.

I haven't "signed up" to your website yet, but i will.


Unknown said...

Hi Kirk, Is great to see what and how you do all your work. Thanks for keep writing and for your time. I got your post directly on my email, so no always I pass on your blog, also this is my first time writing to you something. :)

I just want to said you 3 words: thanks, Thanks and THANKS!!!

Pavel said...

I enjoy your blog, admire the diversity of interests and your writing style is like rich chocolate cake, after months of soggy crackers.
None of those things, however, will make me create an account of any sort, with that invasive beast; Google.