AHH. Down time. Taking a week off to finally finish the novel.

I started writing a novel about a photographer, caught in a web of intrigue at an international trade show, back in 2002. Life got in the way many times, compounded by the almost universal bane of artists and writers everywhere, resistance. To read more about the idea of resistance and how it relates to the arts please pick up a copy of The War of Art, by Stephen Pressfield.

I've put off finishing my writing project for every imaginable reason. Anxiety attacks, cardiac scares, assignments out of the country, kid soccer games, swim practice, blog writing, gratuitous camera testing and so much more.

Every time I sit down to proof read I think of some new thing the novel "needs" or some way to make a passage clearer. But I'm at the point now where the inaction and resistance of getting this project done is starting to effect everything else in my life. I feel like I'm in some sort of hellish holding pattern and I'm bound and determined to get this book done and out by the end of the month.

I will be publishing it on Amazon. It will be a kindle book and, if I navigate their system correctly, you should also be able to order a printed copy instead (or in addition = optimist). My plan is to have the final editing and proofing done by the end of next week (May 24th deadline)  and have Belinda design and convert to ePub the following week. After that we'll upload to Amazon and announce the availability.

I would love to sell many copies of the book but at this point it's just important to me to get it done. Completed. Launched. Out.

To that end I'm taking a break from blogging until after the 24th of this month. I'll miss the witty repartee with my smart readers (of whom you are one; of course). I'll miss the refuge of being able to duck out of real work and come here to play with words. But we'll settle right back in after the birth of the book.

I always wanted to write a novel. Now I have. The final step is unleashing it into the world. Stay tuned for more and please come back and read more after the 24th...

With nearly 1900 previous blog posts to pick through you might want to catch up on your reading. I may have already written the very thing you most wanted to read.....

Thanks. Wish me luck.  Kirk


  1. Good luck! I'll keep an eye out for it.

  2. Looking forward to reading your novel.

  3. Excellent! I'll miss the daily postings, but will consider the withdrawal symptoms as a form of investment. This is great news. Have at it!

  4. Yes, of course I wish you luck. And I can't wait to read your first novel.

  5. Kirk, what great news !! I've been eagerly awaiting the release of that darn book ever since you mentioned it !! So I wish you a lot of luck, and hope you'll be back soon, victorious and complete, and also look forward to reading the book :)

  6. Best wishes; I admire your perseverance.
    I have my own form of resistance. It's called "farting around." I've gotten quite good at it. (I gave up on the novel idea a long long time ago.)

  7. Best of luck, Kirk. I've always said that writers were like runners (or swimmers, or cyclists) - each had a distance that they specialized in. I'm more of a sprinter I think; I don't have the stamina for the marathon that is novel writing...

  8. OK. Since I enjoy your writing so far, reading your novel will be an obvious choice.

  9. Good Luck.
    I long dreamed of writing a murder mystery where the hero (me) arrives at his photo lab business and finds his business partner (whom he was not happy with) brutally murdered. Suspicion immediately falls upon hero as he has the best motive. Turns out that everyone also wanted him dead.
    I am not a storyteller nor am iI industrious enough to be a writer.
    You are both. I will order the signed copy please.

  10. I thought the sequel was ready to go!

  11. Murder by Tripod ?? Sounds promising :-)

  12. Maybe not "Murder by Tripod." but something close....


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