Rosie and the Ramblers Makes Their Kickstarter Goals and Slams Out Future Gold Album.

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Selena. Aka: Rosie. Of Rosie and  the Ramblers.

A few months ago I wrote a piece about my friend, Selena, and her band, Rosie and the Ramblers. At the time I had just helped video artist and all around nice guy, Chris Archer, create a video to put up on Kickstarter for "Rosie." Her goal was ambitious. She was going to go into a very professional sound studio and cut her first real album. Being a good person she wasn't about to ask the musicians to work for free or go cheap on production. She wanted to raise $8,000+ to defray the costs of production and get her art out the door and into the hands of her fans. Without compromise.

I heard from Chris a little while back that "Rosie" met her goal and then some. She got the band into the studio and worked her magic on all the tracks. The album is finished and awaiting whatever post processing the music industry does and, I guess, waiting for iTunes to approve and add the album to their catalog. I haven't heard it yet but Chris has and he swears that it's so good I'll laugh, cry and blush within the first few minutes of listening.

I'm thrilled that this worked out so well. Selena worked hard both in music venues, in live theater and even in coffee houses to make this dream come true.  Congratulations to her for having a vision and the power to see a dream through to such a satisfying and successful conclusion. 

Austin seems to generate a lot of art and music talent but I'll go out on a limb here and say that Selena is going to make it big. Really big. I'm so happy to know her. 

Here's the original video that Chris Archer produced and directed:

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