Chaotic Frame. Fun Frame.

 no clue what it all means. It just looked so layered and at the same time menacing through the camera that I wanted to have the image. Olympus EM-5 and Olympus Pen F 150.  From: Tommy, at Zach Theatre.

Need some action and adventure in your Summer? Try the photo novel of the Summer: 

We'll both be happy you did!


Anonymous said...

From my point-of-view this is without a doubt the best photo you've shared on VSL. I find much of your work to be conventionally banal -- which is what a lot of conservative corporations want/need (so that is not a bad thing).


Anonymous said...

This one really appeals to me. I've got a bundle of friends who are documentary photographers and over the years I've now been exposed to lots of 'busy' images, to the extent that i now find some straight portraiture/landscape work a little dull.
But then, i always loved Richard Scary books as a kid.
That might also explain why i like eboy 's digital art (yes, that is spelled correctly - their cityscapes are amazing, especially if you have fond memories of 16 bit computers)