A quick look back at my favorite digital camera of all time and a magic lens.

This image was done for the Austin Lyric Opera. It was done in the early days of digital imaging. I shot it with a Kodak DCS 760 camera and a wonderfully eccentric lens, the Nikon 105mm f2.0 DC lens. The DC stands for "defocus coupling". All I know is that the lens had a sharp center core and the ability to shift the out of focus areas behind or in front of the main subject.

While the image looks like we just found amazingly nice available light it is actually lit. I used my favorite big scrim for the model with a 1,000 watt tungsten light as a source and a direct tungsten spot light on the back wall some 50 feet behind her.  I love the way we were able to frame her head in the little pool of background light. I like the lighting in here more every time I see the image and that amazes me since I liked it a lot when we shot it. Learning more stuff isn't always better....


Anonymous said...

I have been away from photography for a while and I would like to get back to it. The idea of one camera and one lens appeals to me. What digital cameras and lenses would recommend I consider? The one I hear a lot about is the Fuji X100S but have yet even to hold it and my mind is open.

Corwin Black said...

I wonder how you remember it. :D

DC lens are made so they either favor bokeh in front of subject or behind (depends what you need). And both that Nikon made are also very sharp.

Tho Minolta/Sony STF is even better than this, just its so good that it doesnt look that much natural. Great with EVFs, not great when light is needed (T4.5 lens).

Interesting camera.. and great shot of course.

Tarjei T. Jensen said...


Almost anything will do depending on what you want to do.

Check out the lenses. Make sure the lenses you want is available.

If you want to do action photography, you are likely to need fast and expensive lenses even if cameras work fine with high ISO these days.

E.g. The newest Sony Alpha bodies looks very promising to me. But since the lenses I want are simply not there, I'm staying with Canon.

I was considering a Sony Alpha for Bird in Flight photography since they have lots of AF points.

Good luck on your search.

Edward Richards said...

Just another great illustration of why it is all about lighting. Stay within the dynamic range of the camera with a low ISO and everything, even an iPhone, looks great. The thread I see in your posts is that you do not need to worry about the camera if you worry about the light.

Joseph Ferrari said...

Nice shot!

About 4 years ago, I helped a fellow photographer with some hockey portraits and he was using the Kodak (Nikon mount); the amount of detail was amazing!

Frank Grygier said...

Edward, Couldn't agree more. We should study photons not worry about pixels.