Swimming pool re-visited.

Photographed for an article on water features for Tribeza Magazine 

I keep thinking about this image for some reason. I think it's because I am a sucker for diagonal lines, triangular shapes and the interplay of the opposite colors in the closest part of the pool. It's an image that's all about patience and planning. I needed to pre-visualize the effect I wanted, get there in time to figure out the composition and then sit back and wait for the pool light and the twilight to balance. 

Negative edge pools are neato. 


  1. I love the three organic shapes at the bottom of the pool. They're like little reminders that nature always wins.

  2. I wonder, if you were to do it again, would the people who commissioned the picture request the use of a drone? I have fantasies about using one at a wedding but the noise, the fact it might go wrong, and the thought of it crashing into the bride, the car or the officiant all make me see sense in the end.

  3. Naw. The lifestyle magazine would realize that a higher perspective would ruin the visual effect on the pool's negative edge.


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