Another chance to take my Craftsy.com Studio Photography Course at half price.

There's lots of great stuff on Craftsy. com
Photo Courses from a bunch of good people and a heck of a lot more.

I'm actually planning on take an unrelated course. It's called 
and it's by: Deborah Schneider.

But the class I'd really like to see my readers and friends take is

But whatever you end up taking it's fun to head over to the site and see what's available.

Use this link for any class and you'll help me support this site


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G Gudmundsson said...

I just bought your Portrait Photography class on craftsy ... couldn't pass on this great deal ... look forward to studying ... will let you know my thoughts in the near future ... ;-)

Thank you for your blog Kirk, I really appreciate all the effort you take, love your writing and your humour ... etc, etc...

greetings to Studio Dog

Howard said...

Ok, I'm in for yours and Neils'. Now I just need to find a subject other than the cat sleeping.

Mohammad Shafik said...

I just enrolled your "Studio Portraits" course. Thanks for the tip. Will let you know my feedback.