Quiet Sunday around here.

Ben and Studio Dog.

It's a quiet Sunday morning around here. Ben and his entourage of video game playing, snack food chomping, tea swilling, chinese food and pizza eating friends have all headed back to their respective colleges, scattered all over the United States. I got him up this morning around six and handed him a cup of coffee and some more money. He likes both.

We got him to the airport early, which he likes. He is a lot like me when traveling; he wants to get through check-in and security with lots and lots of time to spare. Once inside the secure area he can have a leisurely breakfast and catch up on the news and the blogs.

He's flying from Austin to Albany and going from day time temperatures in the low 70's to day time temperatures in the high teens. I bought him more ski mittens. He probably didn't need them but the idea of them keeps me warm. He's heading to Saratoga Springs and Skidmore College to finish out his first year. 

For the first time in a month we're largely socially unscheduled. I guess that means it's time to get back to work on some projects. 

First up, in the next blog, we'll be discussing new gear for the year. Did I just buy some? You bet!

Hope everyone with kids away at college is handling it at least as well as me. And to all those people whose kids are on that track but aren't there yet-----save up money!!! 


Christine Bogan said...

Easy to answer question for those who read your blog regularly. It' s a d810. As you told us. Indirekt.
Have fun with it!

cfw said...

I graduated college in 1974. A semi-large, excellent Jesuit private university in a large city. The tuition for my entire last year was under $3,000. Having recently checked, it is now upwards of $45,000/year! Tell me, how can anybody that is not a gazzilionaire afford a quality (not online)education these days, or not graduate with an unclimbable mountain of debt? Even more curious - if I was in the lending business, I would not even think about lending someone that kind of money for a degree. So how do people get financing?


Kirk Tuck said...

cfw, the average cost of a name, east coast, private college is about $60,000 per year. Most give some combination of merit aid, financial aid and work study. The rest is borne by the student or family. The smartest way to pay for it is to start of 509 account the day the child is born and contribute to it through automatic deductions or disciplined monthly contributions by check. That gives one 18 years to save at the lion's share of what is left over after the (non-loan) aid.

Not everyone can afford the cost but there are state universities that are very good at about half the price.

We are not gazillionaires but we have only one kid and we are good savers, ever changing equipment inventories not withstanding....

Kirk Tuck said...

I'll go with Christine for the win....

Mike Rosiak said...

A "what's wrong with this picture" addendum to cfw:

A new car in 2015 costs about 8X one in 1974. So, that Jesuit university "should" be priced at $24,000.

Being too "well off" by some standard or another, we couldn't take advantage of any sort of program for my daughter's tuition, so a PA State university was it. No student loans, but it was a squeaker. She helped make it by working part-time for dorm costs.

Richard Leacock said...

"I'll go with Christine for the win…."

Missed it by that much…(a quote from the eminent sage and philosopher Maxwell Smart)

Enjoy the new acquisition. Looking forward to the further adventures and photographic musings concerning life, cameras and everything : )