Third in a series of Art Historians. Pose.

I hate what happens to black and white prints when I upload them to Blogger. They get grayed down. The surrounds go from 95% to about 74% and it makes me crazy. Oh well. This is the last image I'll show in the series of Art Historians and it is my personal favorite.

I'm not sure why other than that I like the tilt of the subject's head, the accessorizing of the scarf and neck chain as well as the tuft of hair right in the middle of this accomplished woman's forehead. No features, I am afraid, that would pass the test of modern portrait imaging as approved by the web at large. But then the audience for these images was an entirely different demographic...

It was 80 degrees in Austin today with bright sunshine. I bought a tank of gas today for $1.70 a gallon. The world has turned upside down.

I hope everyone who regularly reads VSL is happy, well and warm.

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Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Congratulations on the gas. Who is the art historian (I may have her books) and where are the other two pictures in that series?


Scott Kirkpatrick said...

Cancel half of previous comment. I just looked lowef down.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these photos (and series of portraits). The expressions you've captured on all of them are brilliant & the tone of the photos is wonderful.

Great to hear the story behind them & nifty to hear your discussion about consistency. I'm due to take a similar series tomorrow (and Friday). Doing it digitally (PEN EP5) should make getting the consistency over the two days easier, but just to throw some random challenge back into it we'll be using natural light.

Fortunately it's cloudy (as ever) here in Wales, so the sky'll be acting like a big softbox. Let's just hope there's enough light getting through.

In answer to your earlier post too - this is why I come back reading your blog. Some of the portraiture is great & your discussion of the craft is always interesting.

Keep up the good work - it's hugely appreciated.

Anonymous said...

$1.70 a gallon!
Where I live in the UK it's the equivalent of $1.80 a litre. Despite prices having come down recently that's $6.82 a gallon!

Patrick Dodds said...


Kerry Glasier said...

Bought petrol (gas) here yesterday at £1.06 per Litre, thought it was great as it was £1.30 only a few months ago.
Kerry Glasier

Anonymous said...

"I hate what happens to black and white prints when I upload them to Blogger. They get grayed down."

Since Blogger is a part of the Google empire, maybe it's the infamous Google+ Auto-Annoying feature in action? Or something similar. Maybe it could be avoided by uploading the photos somewhere outside the empire and linking them to Blogger?
Well, just a thought, perhaps worth experimenting.

Oh and speaking of Auto-Annoying, I know this is a bit off-topic but, I wonder what happens to our comments here in Blogger if we post them using the Google Account option?
Do Google publish them auto-annoyingly in Google+, too, like comments posted on YouTube? Apparently in Google search results, too.
I have no experience about using Blogger, so I'm just curious.

Edward Richards said...

I am guessing that the deep grays also go to black. I doubt these have all black shadows.

Michael Matthews said...

Outstanding portrait!

Gato said...

I'm very much enjoying these portraits and your comments. This is the kind of thing that keeps me coming back.

As to the blacks, you're doing better here than I am on Facebook - within the last few weeks they have begun converting my black and white into dark gray and medium gray. Very frustrating

Peter F. said...

Just a thought... have you gone into the corresponding google+ account where all your blogger images are automatically kept? Within the settings, scroll to "auto enhance" and be sure to UNcheck "automatically enhance new photos". In my case this got rid of the oversaturated images I was getting on my blogger blog posts.

Peter F.

Scott L. said...

Great photo. She looks like she could be Sir Paul McCartney's younger sister.

"It was 80 degrees in Austin today . . . . I bought a tank of gas today for $1.70 a gallon."

The cheaper the gas, the hotter it will get.