Crazy Weather in Austin. Five inches of rain in four hours at my studio. (and some in my studio....)

It's another shop vac day in the neighborhood. We live up in the hills so nothing is ever going to be underwater (unless it's the end days) but with lots of elevations and grades along with super saturated soil the floors were not immune. We've had 23 days of good rain in a row, effectively curtailing the worst of the severe drought (for now).

I've spent hours today vacuuming up water and dumping it outside the studio. Nothing was damaged or destroyed inside. We have everything up on shelves and the foam mats on the floor are very helpful. All the cameras are snug in their cabinets and far from the floor.

In the downtown Austin area entire businesses are flooded and the recovery from the wide spread water damage will take time.

We're safe and sound here. My prayers go out to all the Austinites who live around Shoal Creek and other flood prone areas. I hope the worst we get is property damage and that no lives are lost.

Staying dry. Hope you are too.


Jim said...

Living in Northern NY my grandfather used to comment that he couldn't understand why they call this the temperate zone. It is too hot or too cold all the time. Apparently the corollary in Texas is too wet or too dry. Keep you powder, I mean memory cards, dry.

Larry Cordeiro said...

We have family in San Antonio, and Fort Worth, and the droughts of a year ago are a distant memory. Hang in there Kirk.

Eric Rose said...

Geez I hope all is well with you and your sweetie. We had a major flood here 2 years ago and it was horrific.

atmtx said...

Glad to hear that there was no damage to your studio.

Fred said...

Keep those drains clear. It seems like you have the routine down pretty well. I have been thinking about regrading my yard and we in upstate NY have not been getting nearly the amount of rain you have been getting.
This type of weather makes one rethink the desirability of waterfront property.

Fedel Roach said...

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Mike Rosiak said...

Kirk, I certainly hope all is well with you. News reports for both Austin and especially Houston sound pretty severe. I don't recall whether your parents live in Houston or San Antonio, but I hope they also are well.

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for the good wishes. We live up in the hills so we're doing okay but we do have friends with downtown businesses that were flooded. Houston got hit harder but here most people are getting back into their daily patterns. The big worry is the forecast for more rain during the week and heavier rain AGAIN over the weekend. My parents are in San Antonio and aren't in a flood area. I check in on them all the time and they are doing well. Thanks again!

neopavlik said...

Hopefully Studio Dog is less affected by rain than my dog was.