A few "between the real shots" shots from yesterday's restaurant shoot at Cantine. The 40 megapixel files are wonderful. So are the 16s.

EM5.2+ Sigma 60mm f2.8

The look of the Hi-Res, 40 megapixel files is different than the look of the regular 16 megapixel files. I can't put my finger on it exactly but it may have to do with the color purity. The actual color is more accurately sampled in this method and that may lead to fewer things that trigger my subconscious assessment of the photographs. The smoothness of the surface of the coffee cup seems so different...

On another note, I love working in restaurants like Cantine. While we're shooting we can always get a really, really good espresso. And the snacking while shooting is first rate.

EM5.2+ Sigma 60mm f2.8

I was photographing a salad in the little sweet spot of light we'd selected when I looked over and saw the way the light was hitting our plate of salmon and blistered tomatoes. I turned the tripod and shot the angle above. I think the color purity of the tomatoes is stunning. The Sigma 60mm lens is obviously doing a good job.

                                                              EM5.2+ Sigma 60mm f2.8

Even the aftermath of dining can be interesting in the right light. 

This one is a Nikon 610+105mm f2.5 shot. I brought this combo along for BTS shoots. 
I used it for fun extras.

EM5.2+ Sigma 60mm f2.8

I have to hand it to Olympus on the quality of the regular files out of the camera. They have a wonderful balance of colors and tonalities. I would give credit to the camera for the clever white balance but I was using one of the presets so that hardly counts....

EM5.2+ Sigma 60mm f2.8

We wanted to shoot some video of a wine pour but I couldn't resist getting a few still shots on our second version. My video partner, James Webb was doing a great job covering the handheld video work so I had the freedom to just play around a bit. Love the look of glasses illuminated by big windows. And I love what the wide open 60mm lens is doing with the stuff in the background. I am not a "bokeh" expert but the out of focus bottles in the background look gentle and kind.

Another random D610+105 shot. It's fun too.

This wraps up my week of Olympus commercial shooting stories. The cameras work very well and as we use them more and more either we or they are getting more efficient in overall battery use. We both had plenty of reserve at the end of the shoot. I had done still life in the morning and then the food and pour shots in the afternoon with the same camera and battery combination. Next time I won't bring the little Pelican mini case with the seven extra batteries. I'll just stick one in my pocket to be safe....


James Bullock said...

farm raised or fresh caught?

Kirk Tuck said...

I assume, knowing the chef/owner well, that it's fresh caught.

OP Smolander said...

You've declared your love for the sigma 60mm several times and maybe I've missed this but why not the Olympus 45? What's the thing that tips the scale on the other side?