Renae with Seagull camera. Camera subsequently donated to a photo student whose own camera was stolen.

My camera: Leica R8
Lens: 50mm Summilux
Film: Agfapan APX 100

Twin lens cameras are great to learn with. 
If you are into film. 


  1. I had a photographer friend in San Miguel de Allende and he took a twin lens film camera, taped a cardboard mailing tube about 18 inches long to the viewfinder on top. Then taped a point and shoot camera to the top of the tube at the minimum focusing distance and took digital photos looking through the P&S viewfinder. He got some good shots, but I never really figured out the purpose except to attract a lot of attention from other photographers passing by. As a photographer it certainly looked cool and interesting.

  2. I still use my Yashica 24 TLR quite regularly. The lens is sharp as hell. I love the look of MF film, wonderful depth to the images. There are some things digital cameras will never do, as good as they are in 2015. Plus, the square is divine.

  3. My high school, Los Angeles High School (yes, there is such a place), let us borrow TLRs for photography class back in the day. I can't remember what brand though. I wish I could find the negs from those projects ... one of my pics was selected to be a part of an LA Unified School District art exhibit at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Great memories. Thanks for posting the Seagull!

    I wonder how well (or poorly) funded the arts are nowadays at LAUSD. LA High was newly re-built in the late '70s after the '72 Sylmar earthquake destroyed the original building. The new building had a fantastic darkroom with maybe 4-6 enlarger bays, giant stainless steel sink ... plus, a big space for studio shots. I hope they still offer photography classes there ...

  4. I used a Mamiya C220F for many years.
    There was something about looking in a different direction to the subject that helped with the composition.
    A bit liking looking at a miniature version of the final print where you always notice the flaws...

  5. A bunch of camera geeks (myself included) talking about the camera in the photo, and not the lovely lady holding it.
    No wonder photography is dying.

  6. I had a Seagull but every time I took it to Atlantic City it would fly off and steal someone's Hot Dog or Ice Cream Cone on the boardwalk.


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