OT: Arugula and Avocado Salad. With Vinegar and Oil.

We just whipped this up on Sunday and I loved the mix of flavors. Served alongside a nice New York Strip. 


Anonymous said...

let's see the steak!!

Mike Rosiak said...

This would be my supper, less the steak. But why do the avocados look like cantaloupe slices? Are Texas avocados different from the ones I buy at Whole Foods in the Mid Atlantic?

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Mike, There are three or four different varieties of avocado that I know of and the ones I like are the bigger ones with the buttery taste. Hass? They are the ones we usually make guacamole with here. And yeah, I could eat an arugula salad with lots of avocado and skip the steak as well but..... if someone is going to grill and serve I think it would churlish of me not to at least taste... :-)

Anonymous said...

Perfect dinner for me Kirk. I like Hass.

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