Catering services at the VSL World HQ. Quick food snaps.

The current breakfast of choice for two of the three executive level staffers at the VSL HQ:
Joe's O's (Trader Joe's version of Cheerios) +organic blueberries+handfuls of 
walnuts+organic, whole milk.
Consumed with coffee and the NYT Online.

Yesterday's lunch at the executive dining room of the VSL.
Linguini + Pesto + cherry tomatoes.

We are constantly working on the catering services for our executive level staff.
Today the entire kitchen staff is on a team building retreat to learn 
new skills and new ways to grill our CEO's favorite foods. 

Since the dining facilities are closed senior members will go off site for lunch.
Do I hear the siren call of Maudie's Tex-Mex Plate?

I think I do. 

Photographs via the Olympus EM-5.2 ( a very discreet "table" camera) and
the Panasonic 42.5mm lens. 

Dine well.


Steve Mack said...

Do you guys have a corporate jet, yet? ;<)

With best regards.


Kirk Tuck said...

We go back and forth about the jets in our board meetings. Some of us would rather spend those inflated photographic fees on a submarine but with the exception of the French no one really seems inclined to let go of a nuclear one. The more practical member of the team thinks it's silly to talk about jets until we're all three driving Veyrons. Everyones mileage may vary....

Andrea said...

Nice breakfast - the only "weak link" is the whole milk - we adult mammals are not able to process milk in an healty way, as I painful discovered two months ago, at an age of 49, when I had my first-in-my-life severe allergic reaction to milk...

Kathleen Hayton said...
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