The results of yesterday's quiz....

I took the photo down from yesterday because there were so many embarrassing glitches and gotcha's in it. The rookie mistake I made was not having someone with expertise to supervise the whole set up and look for mistakes that I couldn't see because I lack that professional training...

Gloves, watches, flat lines on monitors, all added up to a photo that might work at a quick glance for an uneducated audience but not for most people and certainly not for the highly educated and trained audiences here at VSL.

My lesson? If you aren't an expert in the field then make sure you bring along someone who is. Otherwise, as soon as your clients see the shot you'll be back in re-shooting --0-- and that's never pleasant.

Thanks to all who chimed in. 


  1. Yes, saw most of those but feel it impolite of me to pass comment as others had beaten me to it with most of them, missed the point that you should have ONE expert on hand to supervise though. . . . . interesting to see that you live in "an emerging technology hub in the southwest United States" Interesting article from Reuters, Austin comment in last para :-)


    Have a good day . . . G

  2. Oh no!!

    I missed seeing it before you took it down - now I'm intrigued by what I missed


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