A prediction I can make with confidence: People will continue to make fun, interesting, disturbing, compelling and banal photographs in 2016. Another prediction I feel certain of: We will buy more cameras and lenses.

Image by Chuck Close. Photo realistic painting.

Photography is less like bubble wrap and more like pizza dough. You can't just pop all the bubbles and be done with images. With dough, if you squeeze in one direction the dough will flow out into another direction. You can't eat bubble wrap but you can sure make tasty pizza from good dough. Especially if you practice. 

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John Camp said...

I wonder if this might have started with Ansel Adams, who was both a wonderful photographer and also a technical expert...and people may have thought that if you became a technical expert (which isn't so hard) that you could also take photos as good as Adams's (which is hard.) But a prediction I can make in confidence -- that the percentage of fun, interesting and disturbing photos will continue to sharply decline as a percentage of the whole, because they lack the crucial element of contemplation.