OT: What do you get the dog that has everything, for Christmas?

If you really want to do the holidays right for Studio Dog you might consider.....tennis balls. She loves them. Really. Just loves them. We have one hallway that's about 50 feet long and when the weather is awful she loves it if you throw balls down the hall. Her main goal is to catch them on the bounce. She'll bring em right back, too.

Tennis balls make dogs smile.

Photo: Studio Dog with tennis ball. Nikon D750. Nikon 50mm f1.8 G. 


Henk said...

"Tennis balls make dogs smile."

So true.


Larry Cordeiro said...

Our studio dog just turned 12 years young, and while most of his activities have slowed recently every once in a while he'll chase a tennis ball for me. Simplicity at it's absolute best, we could all learn something from our studio dogs.

Happy New Year Kirk,

JG said...

What a coincidence! Miss Abby feels exactly the same way: