Canoes and Blue Skies.

Monochrome for Austin by Nancy Rubins
(click to see larger).

A bit more about the canoes that appeared over our heads here on the University of Texas at Austin campus. It's a 50 foot tall sculpture made with about 75 boats. It's called, "Monochrome for Austin" and it was created using private funds. It stands at the corner of 24th and Speedway on the UT campus; nearly in the center of the university's engineering and sciences buildings.

The piece was created by Nancy Rubins, a full time fine artist who has also created monumental works in Paris and  Chicago.

I was out for a walk when I came across the sculpture, several weeks ago. It's riveting. And whimsical and a bit absurd (but in a good way...).

I was fortunate to be carrying a comfortable and competent camera with me at the time. The image above was shot with a Sony RX10ii camera.

Just thought I'd flesh out a previous post with some concrete details. Life is always surprising. Sometimes you have to walk around see where they've put the surprises on any given day.

Some online classes that may be of interest to you:

One of the original Craftsy Photo Classes and 
still one of the best! 

I met Lance a couple of weeks ago in Denver
and found him to be really fun and knowledgeable 
this class reflects what he teaches in hands-on
workshops in Ireland and Iceland, as well as 
cool places around the U.S.

How to make what we shoot into a cohesive
train of visual thought.


Jim Tardio said...

These cameras with 1inch sensors seem to do a great job. What do you think of the new Nikon DL 18-50 compact? I've got one on order.

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Jim, I haven't had my hands on one yet but I'm betting Nikon has learned a lot over the last few years with the System 1 cameras. If Sony makes the sensor that part will be superb. Can't wait to see one in the flesh. The one inch sensors really work well. Beginning to think the rest of the stuff, like full frame and medium format might fall under .... nostalgia.

Lyn Rees said...

Kirk, thanks for the the blog by the way, one of my, if not favourite photography read on the web... However, that said, your writings did inspire me to pick up a good used RX10 recently! I think they're good value on the used market at the moment, and a fine all round camera. Thanks!

Daniel Walker said...

Now that you are getting a lot of people interested in the 1" sensor, what specific photo techniques would you recommend to achieve the best results.