I've talked about my Studio Lighting course at Crafsy.com but I wanted to let you know that I also did a course that's great for beginners...

I have a lot of friends who have a lot of basic questions about photography. And I know a lot of parents who wish they knew their way around cameras and could take better family photographs. The kind of photographs you end up putting in albums and saving for years. 

With that in mind the producers at Craftsy.com and I put together a two+ hour course that walks newbies through everything from camera settings to the basics of using speed lights. We shot on location with a family up in Colorado. We even spent an afternoon at a horse ranch working with the kids, the horses and the great outdoors. 

If you are a beginner or your are surrounded by people who are always asking for basic advice when you would rather be waterskiing behind your own personal submarine, this may be a course for you or one that you can recommend to get yourself off the hook. 

If nothing else, think of the entertainment value of making fun of the instructor.....(hmmmmm). 

I'm offering a link that makes the course half price. If you watch it and don't like it the folks at Craftsy will cheerfully refund your $$. The course is online and can be watched by you as often and for as long as you desire. You could watch me explain "ISO" hundreds of times a week if you wanted to.... All for the price of about five extra large, fancy coffees from Starbucks. And less fattening.

Although you will doubtless come away from watching with the niggling feeling that a bit more gear would be good. 

Thanks, Kirk

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