Procrastination. I always want to work on stuff that promises nearly immediate gratification, not the mirage of riches down the road...

Rush Hour at Swim Practice.

I pretend to be pretty disciplined where work is involved but I have to admit that I have a weak spot. I hate writing long proposals for projects that won't be taking place for weeks or month from now. I'd rather go swimming, drink coffee, and discuss photography or video production with friends in the industry, or just go for a walk. 

Today is one of those dangerous days. I've been invited to create a proposal and budget for a high production value video by a Texas based utility. The video needs to be five to seven minutes long and, given the subject matter, it should be a fun and challenging project. But before I get the contract and the go-ahead I have to go through the process of concepting, discussing methodology, and budgeting. Yes, I have to write a proposal.

Most of the content for the piece needs to be shot outside and that carries with it a host of possible issues that can be tough to budget for and tough to schedule. We'll need to do interviews outside on remote locations (meaning, with no electrical power).  We may need to fight the sun with big diffusers, a portable generator and HMI lights. That means we need some crew. But then again the days may be overcast and perfect. We may be able (as I will optimistically propose) to schedule four interviews per day over the course of two days but, then again, people's schedules seem to be in constant flux these days. 

We'll need to schedule a segment with the CEO. Those sessions are always subject to change; both in content and schedule, right up until the very final edit.

Then we'll need some stock footage and some music, along with a narrator. I can plug in prices very approximately but I always fear that some committee, lurking behind the curtains, will scuttle all our first choices for various highly subjective reasons and send me back to look for more. Again and again. 

So much easier to get up and go into the house for another cup of coffee. So much more fun to sit here and write this blog. Even more fun to head to the pool for some spirited swimming, but it's Monday and the pool is closed. 

The simplest cure for work procrastination? Run out of money. That's always an effective whip to motivate even a jaded procrastinator like myself....

The sooner we start the sooner we're done....

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