Showing off some work I am proud of. I love clients who are in sync with my portrait style.

Last Fall I had the privilege of photographing the attorneys at Dubois, Bryant and Campbell; a law firm here in Austin, Texas. I worked with Envision Creative Group to create a portrait style that worked well for all three entities.

Here is the webpage from DB&C's website that showcases the photographs. Please click on the individual images to see them in their true, horizontal format. Attorney Portraits by Kirk Tuck.

All of the portraits were done on location at DB&C's offices. I used a Nikon D810 with either the 105mm f2.5 ais or the 135mm f2.0 ais lenses. The lighting was a combination of existing light and up to four, high density, LED lights --- modified by a combination of scrims and diffusers.

It was pretty much a dream project for me. Great people, a beautiful environment and a great, supportive advertising agency. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.


Frank Grygier said...

Beautiful portraits!! The excellent rapport you have with your clients shows in each photograph. The backgrounds are used wonderfully as framing elements, The lighting design is impeccable. The subtle use of contrast in each of these images is amazing. You have mastered the use of LED's and ambient light in these portraits. I love your work.

Alan Fairley said...

Holy shit! This is an impressive series indeed. Not so much because of mechanical photo technique (which is solid, of course), but because of the way you have been able to put all the subjects at ease so that they look like themselves instead of some frozen grimacing simulacrum of a human being That's a real gift you have. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to swear but your work is fucking brilliant. Love the backgrounds as much as the people!