A favorite, quirky image from the Zach production of "One Man, Two Guvners."

Ahhh. Settling in with a great stage shooting combination. The Sony A7Rii and the 70-200mm f4.0 OSS lens. The camera is quiet silent and the files that emerge from it as 18 megapixel Jpegs are noise free at nearly every ISO. The images are sharp, detailed and nicely colored.  The lens is equally silent and convincingly sharp at its fastest aperture. Add to this the five axis image stabilizations that combines the stabilization of the lens with the stabilization in the body and you've got a rock solid platform to shoot with in any theatre environment. Need more reach? Put the camera in the 42 megapixel mode and then selection "APS-C" as your working crop. Now you've got an extra 100mm of reach with the same resolution you had in the first place (more or less).

I supplement this with the a6300 for the wide end and I'm totally happy. And it all fits nicely into my smallest, Husky tool bag ---- you know, the one I bought for $19. A warm sense of satisfaction just settled over me......of course, it could just be the jalapeƱos from my breakfast taco....


Joel said...

Good idea on the crop mode, definitely can come in handy.
Also, I'm sure you know about this but I just found out the hard way last week. With the silent shutter on the a7rii, if you are taking photos with a fast shutter speed, you can run into banding. It's talked about it a little here: http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1398529

Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Joel, At what shutter speeds does this become apparent? That would be really good to know! Thanks!