Dogs at the Pecan Street Festival. Just taking in the smells...

 I love dogs. They are always on alert. Always hyper vigilant. Then able to take a nap at the drop of a hat.


Anonymous said...

Mans (and women's) best friend. They are so much less
self conscious then humans :) so much easier to get a
natural pose. Nice doggie environmental pix. Thanks.

Larry Cordeiro said...

Hi Kirk,

Great series of images. We take our Shetlander with us whenever we can (and the weather is cool). He's a rescue dog now twelve years old, and not up to walking great distances anymore. We tend to seek out those vendors with a water bowl near their stations for dogs at events, and if "Eddy" approves that's where we make our purchases.

Larry C.

Aubrey Silvertooth said...

I met my wife at church, so the religion question (which was a major concern) was answered immediately. The first real question I asked her was, "Do you like dogs? If you don't, we can still be friends." We have been married for twenty-eight years. Our first dog--Barney--lived to be fourteen before succumbing to cancer. Dog number two--Opie--will be fifteen in November. He is blind and has arthritis, but still has his smile and attitude. Gotta love 'em!