Sony point and shoot camera as "street photography instrument."

I went for a walk downtown this afternoon. The city was hosting the annual Pecan Street Festival. Free and open to the public. Blocks and blocks of vendors and non-profit organizations selling everything from custom T-shirts to dark chocolate. It was fun to walk through the crowd at a leisurely pace, stopping to snap the flow of people going by like a lively river. 

I was going to take a full frame camera and a 50mm lens but I read something recently that more or less said we tend to become prisoners to our past habits, so I put down the cliché rig and grabbed my trusty Sony RX10iii. I set the camera to "A" and walked along taking in the ambiance and the energy of families and singles walking, some with their dogs, along a long line of booths and tents. It was fun, relaxing and the first afternoon the temperature hasn't hit the 90's in a good long while. Here is some of what I saw..


MikeR said...

Something that I noticed: I looked at these pictures several times through, to find something in them that said "Austin." Or, at least, "Texas." Many could have been a street festival anywhere in these United States. Some distinctly said "Southern" (as in, "CATFISH"). Last frame - aha - a longhorn.

Michael Matthews said...

Pretty unhappy looking bunch, on average. The catfish lady is the leading exception, followed by the woman in the red cap and the custom board salesman, whose mood seems a tad elevated.