Fadya in the studio. An exercise in lighting with HMIs from K5600.

I know a good percentage of photographers are wed to their flashes. They use em for everything. I'm more promiscuous with my lighting choices. At any one time we'll have racks of professional florescent fixtures, boxes filled with various tungsten lights, SMD LED lights, as well as three different flash systems in the studio. And that doesn't count the inventory of battery operated portables.

The fact is that different lights have a different affect on a photo shoot. Repetitive flash feels bouncy and staccato to me while feel of tungsten puts me into a time machine and takes me right back to the 1950's. HMIs are different. The light seems more liquid and at the same time its color response on sensors creates a look that's different from other sources. Color correct but a stretched out color range. The constant glow doesn't interrupt the give and take of the subject and the photographer. It's well mannered light.

There is a shutter speed, and it's different for nearly every situation, where constant HMI light gives a shutter speed that's fast enough to give the impression of frozen time but shows micro motion in the details that to me more accurately resembles the way our eyes see things. Sharp and soft overlayed on each other in a wonderful way. The faster the speeds the lesser the effect, and vice versa. I love the look I get with the shutter around 1/4th to 1/8th second. It's not a blur but it's not the sort of actinic sharpness that signals techno-fiction.

And, of course, everyone looks best in black and white.


neopavlik said...

I've had some LED Fresnels in my sights (and virtual shopping cart) for a few weeks.
Enough power for video, head shots, and ISO 100 F4 at 1/125 or higher from 6'.
Still running through the cost/benefits.

The Fuji Medium Format has given me temporary pause too.

George Beinhorn said...

Good grief, Kirk! Beautiful! No empty word-tumbling here; you walk the talk.

neopavlik said...

Hope you don't mind a shopping update.
I bought one of the LED lights I was looking at.
Scheduled to be here Monday.

This is the one that I bought

My pre-review is the weight is more than I'd like but I'll put it on a roller stand and be done with it. If I was going to travel with it a lot I'd spend the extra ~$900 to save the weight and buy a more expensive equivalent.

I bought a RPS Studio 150c Watt LED light based off your post awhile back about the 50 and 100 watt versions but wanted more power, should be able to use that one as a 2nd light for accent, kicker, or separation.