How Zach Theatre Uses My Images in Advertising. Just A Quick Post to See Actual, Commercial Photography in Action...

Click on the images and they will enlarge.


  1. These are terrific. Were they shot with this treatment in mind? If so, what type of background did you use?

  2. Thanks! The two images for the holiday plays were each done (years apart) on white backgrounds. The one for "A Christmas Carol" was shot a couple of weeks ago and I used a white muslin for that background along with two LED lights on the background and two on the actor. The image for "SantaLand Diaries" was done in my studio and was also done with (earlier models) LED lights and a white paper background. The image for "Charlotte's Web" was shot on the stage, right after a performance and the art director stripped out the background and dropped the image into a background she created.


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