A Short, Celebratory Note: Another Mile Stone.

Barton Springs Pool. My new Monday morning habit.
1/8th mile long. Temperature +/- 70 degrees.
A great training pool for distance swimming.
Not too crowded at 6 am. 

The counter on the VSL blog just clicked over the 23,000,000 mark. That's a count of page views which happen here on the site. The Google counter for all reads (RSS, etc.) now exceeds 90,000,000. I'm pretty happy with either metric. I use the 23,000,000 for analytical purposes. 

We've shared over 3,000 posts in the last eight years. We're in the middle of a slow motion embrace of video but I still consider myself a photographer. The core audience I write for is fellow photographers.

I appreciate all the loyal readers I've gotten comments and e-mails from over the years and look forward to many more. 

Occasionally I put up little Amazon ads but I've made it a rule not to ask for donations, not to do Kickstarter campaigns and not to work as a shill for any manufacturers. I hope you know that the writing comes from my honest opinions about trends and photo-philosophy, and my discussions about gear derive from my having purchased said gear and pressed it into use for my own commercial enterprise. Although I do reserve the right to discuss new gear that I don't own but find interesting enough to consider.....

Your only responsibilities as a reader are: To enjoy the writing. To share your knowledge and opinions in the comments. To comment with compassion to the author and to fellow readers. To disagree with me when I've run off course (but gently, gently). To share the blog with like minded friends. That's it. 

I hope you'll stick around for the next 3,000 posts and be part of the next 23,000,000 views. It's been a fun ride so far...


  1. It has been a fun ride. I hope you keep it up for at least 3000 more. I'm not 'into' video, but your adventures there are still interesting.

  2. I am a regular appreciative viewer. Whether I will be around for 40,000,000 may be problematic but I intend to.

  3. So, just how much willpower did it take not to write, "...Kirkstarter campaign..."?

  4. Congrats! I can't recall how many years I've been visiting VSL. I *think* I discovered you from a TOP post along the way.

    I love your courageousness switching gear all of the time, but your gear/brand selection has seemed to stabilize of late, for better or worse. I'm "just" a family photojournalist and not likely to switch brands, add gear all willy nilly -- my digital gear has been more than good enough for about 7 years now.

    I keep coming back because I love reading about the inner workings of a pro photo/videographer. Keep at it ... reading your posts makes for a nice work break. I should dabble more with video, a feature of my cameras and phone that I barely touch. #sad

    BTW, I'm in the middle of the "Lisbon Portfolio" ... fun so far. Other fiction titles on deck?

  5. I started reading your blog after Gordon Lewis mentioned that you were going to stop blogging. I worked my way through the old posts until suddenly the blog came alive again! And Gordon Lewis, sadly, stopped blogging. I used to follow a whole lot of photo blogs. Your blog and The Online Photographer are now the only blogs that I read on a regular basis.

  6. Thank you, Kirk. The posts have been eminently readable and useful. Too often, people simply consume free content without either helping or at least providing grateful feedback. I hope that many readers let you know how useful your practical musings and practical advice have become.

  7. Kirk,
    Found your blog (do not remember how) and have followed your posts (sometimes a bit too compulsively) since 2012. Your recent video posts have been informative to this video neophyte. (Unfortunately for my bank balance, the resulting shopping list is growing.) So, keep it going, please.

  8. Hi Kirk,

    I've enjoyed your writings for several years now. I consider myself a photographer but enjoy your musings about life in general as much as your very intelligent considerations about photography. So I'm in it for the long haul, I visit your site daily, comment occasionally. And always enjoy what I read, keep it up! And also congratulations to you for that incredible milestone. That obviously speaks to the fact that I'm not the only one that feels that way.
    Much continued success Kirk! Your one hard working dude!

    Best Regards,
    Doug O.

  9. Hi Kirk,

    I've been reading for several year now, and really enjoyed your perspectives. I'm a mild hobbyist so don't really have comments to add to the discussion, but your thoughts, and some of the thoughtful discussions by other commentators (you've got some great readers) have pushed me differently than others - I'm happy with my little 60D, don't have a lot of gear needs, but am starting to play with my speed lights again.

    I do occasionally feel the need to spend some money, and then invariably you write something about spending based on what you need, post some gorgeous portrait from film or earlier digital, and well, I'm pretty content with my gear, not so much with my skill, so I know where to put the time/effort (I'd like an evf, but don't feel like spending cash on it, since it's not a need).

    Anywho, thank you for writing, and I look forward to more portraits, info, and milestones.


  10. Congrats on the milestone. Glad it doesn't yet feel like a millstone.

    I enjoy reading what you write be it gear swapping or video. I've done the former a few too many times, but never the latter (and never likely to, either).

    As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading, for whatever that's worth.



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