It's hot here in Austin. But that didn't stop the intrepid VSL testers from taking a long walk with a GH5.


We matched a long standing heat record here in Austin today. It was 104(f) at camp Mabry which matched a record from 2000. With the humidity moderately high the "feels like" temperature is simmering around 108. To be frank, it's a crappy time to be here in Austin. The lake water is about 86 degrees and keeping the swimming pool cool enough to actually do heavy duty swim workouts requires running multiple aerator sprays all night long. It also means that working outside is iffy for a lot of people.

If you are working outside you move a little slower and try to always stay in the shade. A nice, insulated bottle of water helps.

I swam this morning and then I had stuff that had to get done today in the morning. Around noon I was ready to take my first excursion with the new camera. I put on one of my favorite anonymous shoulder straps, latched in a 64 gigabyte SD card, and headed downtown with my newest camera, the GH5.

I have only two things to report. First, the EVF is very nice and much preferred to an OVF. I love being able to see a representation of the camera's reality in the finder. This one is beautiful. The second thing I have to report is that there's nothing remarkable to point a camera at in downtown Austin today. I have made much progress though in getting deep into the 300+ page owner's manual.

Since I had nothing of substance from the walk to post I thought I'd toss up this image of Selena from a few years back. As I remember that was a pretty hot day as well....

More soon. KT


  1. Favorite anonymous shoulder straps

    I've tried a lot of them: OEM straps, Domke, Op-tech, Black Rapid, Luna Labs, Tamrac, and made some myself. Have not found a favorite yet.

  2. Love Texas. Last time I was in Dallas, the people repairing the roads were working from dusk 'til dawn. It's the winters I like though. Ice storm one day (freezing rain is a source of fascination to Brits); sat outside in shorts, drinking a cool beer, the next. But what about the GH5? Best video optimised stills camera ever?

  3. Let's hope the GH5 reminds you of your first experience of the GH4 which always stuck in my mind, when you said "The camera is as perfect in my hands as any previous camera I have had the pleasure to use an that includes my M series Leicas."

    All the best!

  4. I can tell you right off the bat that it's got perfect "hand feel."


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