I mentioned photographing a keynote speaker at a recent gala. Here's a couple of stage shots. Nothing sexy but the WB?

Panasonic GH5 + Olympus 12-100mm f4.0 Pro. 
Manual Exposure, Manual White Balance =3000K 
ISO 640.

With good stage lighting in place electronic flash should never be necessary. 


  1. Magnificent color. Did you set that manual white balance using a target? Or simply know what it ought to be based on lightIng you scoped out in advance?

  2. I asked the AV crew member responsible for the stage lighting. He confirmed they were tungsten halogen but that they were being dimmed by about 20%. I did the math and came up with 3000K. I switched to video mode so I could use the vector scope to see how close to the mark I was with the light on the stage. Happy, I switched back go photo mode and shot. It's not that much effort considering that over the course of a couple hours ten or fifteen people would be photographed on the same stage with the same light. The discipline is in not shifting around the settings out of boredom...

  3. I’d say that’s “executive skin tone”. If you want even more work with corporate types those two shots are portfolio material.k


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