An incidental shot from the tech rehearsal last night that.....

...makes me appreciate the nuanced eye of the the show's lighting designer and also adds to my appreciation of the optical qualities of the Nikon 70-210mm f4-5.6D Ai Zoom lens. An elegant rendering from the long end of a consumer zoom lens, used wide open...

From: Sundays in the park with George. Zach Theatre. Starts this week.


  1. Hello, Kirk. Nice to see your Nikon Ai-AIS redivivus.
    You need to look into the following treasures: 25-50/4, 35-70/2.8,
    50/2.8 Micro-Nikkor, 105/2,5, 135/2.8, 180/2.8,200/4, 50-135, and 80-200/4.
    I would be happy to share these with you, if you want to try them out,

    All the best
    Roy Benson

  2. This shot does have a very painterly look. I expect the lighting guy (or gal) had that in mind. BTW, I saw Sunday in the Park on Broadway long ago, and really liked it. I wish it would come around again closer to home.


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