So. What Picture do you have Hanging on the Wall in front of your Desk?

 I start every morning looking at this one. It reminds me of why I do commercial work. It reminds me of a wonderful life (still, happily, in progress). It reminds me of why I like 50mm lenses on 35mm camera bodies. It reminds me of a family favorite hamburger joint that is no longer in business. It reminds me of how great french fries in puddles of ketchup are. It reminds me of why I was happy to pay for someone to go to college. And it reminds me of the value of taking a good camera with me nearly everywhere.

So what's hanging up in your daily environment? How does it serve you?


Stephen Emmons said...

This photo of your son and the short narrative that accompanies it reminds me of why I read this blog. Thanks.

David said...

Also pics of my two girls. Wow, I really forgot how nice film looks! Thanks for the effort that you put into your writing. I really enjoy.


Roger Jones said...

About the same as your working environment or desk. My 2 son's as kids in their sunglasses being cool, my wife 20 years ago when we were on a road trip in the Sierras. Images of my instructor from photojournalism school ( I was his assistant for a while), images of other photographer friends and my best friend of 40 years.

They were the "best of times, the worst of times" they were best of times to be sure. Ketchup and fries, oh yes, Milk Shakes!!

My oldest son is in the medical profession like I was (I also did photography full time) my youngest is in High School his mother my wife is still working at the hospital part time then in her garden (she's 20 years younger than me). As for my best friend and the other photographers, well they've all pasted on, I'm the last one of the group, but it's good to see their smiling faces in the morning.

They were shining times

Roger Jones said...

Oh, one more thing, thank God I had a camera with me to capture the memories/images of these great moments. This is why I still carry a camera every where.


Bill Stormont said...

Among the photographs you've shared of Ben, this is hands-down my favorite.

Starting your day with a reminder of the joy you've brought into your son's life—and yours & Belinda's—there's nothing better.

sixblockseast said...

I have several photos of my two boys on the window sill at my office. Mostly playing outside where they are happiest, taken with both 50mm and 28mm (eq) lenses. On the walls I have larger architectual and landscape photos.

Anonymous said...

u r just special Kirk, downright special!

Richard Jones said...

Wonderful expression on his face! I rotate photographs in my home office since I have so many favorites.

I'm also partial to 50mm and it's on my camera that is always with me when I'm out and about.


Anonymous said...

My 4 (adult) kids all together, taken with my daughter’s iPhone (4 or 5 or 3 or whatever), printed on canvas. Above that sits another el cheapo canvas of an ancient picture of a skinnier me with my (still drop-dead-gorgeous after 35 years of marriage) wife somewhere in country NSW. Love to stop and gaze at the ones I love.

Max from Down Under

William Collinson said...

My home office has constantly rotating 5x7 photos of my kiddos, and a 10x14 print of my daughter performing her first ballet solo (one of the fairy variations from Sleeping Beauty). It is probably one of the top three ballet photos I've done in the past few years. I rarely print larger than 5x7, but this past year I've done some ballet shots that I finally have felt deserve to be larger.

Asimov said...

Si tu hijo te sonrie así, ¿qué mas podes pedirle a la vida?
O se me ocurre otro: si tu hijo muestra alegria al mundo ... ya está, cumpliste tu tarea.