It's Saturday. We swam well. The West Austin News Published a profile piece on me that ran to a full page (with photos). I'm researching daiquiri recipes because we have friends coming for dinner and it's the perfect cocktail for a 100 degree Summer day.

from the Zach Theatre production of "Hairspray." ©2011 Kirk Tuck. Shot with a Canon 7D and a Canon 70-200mm f4.0. Lovely flesh tones under mixed stage lighting....

But then I walked out to the studio to store a couple of MacBook Pros that were loitering on the dining room table and driving my wife nuts. I started looking through an image folder and got lost until the boy texted me from Trader Joe's to ask if he was getting the right hot sauce. After three posts with photos from his phone we finally nailed down the one I wanted.

I miss silly productions like "Hairspray." Stuff that makes you laugh out loud every five minutes. I hope all the theaters in Austin take a hard turn and go from "serious drama" to "fun comedy"....at least for part of the season..

Can't believe the cropped Canon was so good...... I guess it all works well if you take the time to read the instruction manual...


  1. Would be interested to know which daiquiri recipe includes hot sauce? Not one I've heard before. Might be worth trying while us in the southern hemisphere are enjoying winter.

  2. Glad to see you in much better spirits. You've been through a tough time. I'm sure it helps to have "the boy" home. I have the same pleasure in a couple weeks.

  3. Perfect, do enjoy your daiquiris

    I have a funny story (with pics!!), about daiquiris at the Four Seasons Nile Hotel, Cairo, March 2016. I love Cairo: in my day job I have people pointing loaded guns at me on exit, and entry, so why change it!! (Is the safety off, though?)

    Will send later..............


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