You NEED to Change (Picture This! Podcast) === I love this video from Tony Northrup. For working photographers.

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  1. What's old is new. The only thing that constant is change. I don't change and I'm no longer in business, but do not worry, as I have my retirement from a school district for 25 years and my medical licenses and have retired from the medical field. I also worked at photography/photojournalism and traveling on assignments. Worked out great, excellent more than I hoped for, but things changed and here we are, here I am. Camera bag by the door ready to go, but no assignment to go to not even for free or 80% off. I miss the people. I don't need the money, I made plans, you have to.

    So what will you do when the change comes? Read Kirk Tucks Blog? Maybe buy the latest and greatest camera gear knowing that this is the problem, and if you just spent more money on gear things will change, but they don't. Maybe its the brand of camera you use? You need to use what Kirk Tuck uses, then things will change, but it doesn't. So you change gear over and over knowing this will help, but it doesn't, nothings changed, it's still the same so what's wrong? ( I know a person that does this, every time she reads a different blog she thinks that may be the right camera, makes no difference) It's a bitter pill to swallow, but it will happen like it or not, and not for the better. So get ready.

    Great Video



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