Lou. A reminder that we all knew how to light a long time ago. The new cameras haven't changed the need for that...

Into every photo a little light must fall. It can fall well or poorly; that's up to you.

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William Collinson said...

On the surface it is the simplest of concepts to grasp: Photography is capturing light (or its absence). It is, ironically, the easiest to lose sight of. When I look at the good photographs I've managed to make, from the vantage point of an avid amateur versus a professional photographer, they all share one common trait: the light was right. And, for my own work, 80% of the time it is natural light that makes the shot for me. A well placed window, an outside corner with perfectly diffuse light, a carefully considered reflector, the right time of day, all factors in my more successful shots.

I know that this can be supplemented, extended, or even replaced with artificial light sources, and on occasion I've managed with success to do that. But for me, nothing can beat that soft, warm light pouring through a sheer curtain that diffuses the afternoon light -just so- and washes it over a carefully placed subject.

Love this photo, by the way!