Yesterday I was putting together a slide show of theater photographs to share at a presentation. Then I thought I would also share the images with my readers here at VSL. I thought you might be interested in what we show.

Jill Blackwood in Xanadu. Zach Theatre. Austin, Texas

I write a lot about photographing for theaters here in the blog. Probably so much so that some of you think I must have an office at Zach Theatre, or that I do nothing but shoot for them. The reality is that most work done for private corporations is more tightly controlled and I sometimes have to jump through hoops to display it. But theater is different because the images are made with wide and diverse distribution in mind. The shelf life (from a show marketing point of view) is very short; about six weeks to two months for most work. But there's a pressing need to get it into as many media and social outlets as possible. 

This makes it easier for me to share with my readers on a regular and frequent basis.

I love these photos because they require me to be quick on my feet, always thinking ahead, yet at the same time reacting to the constant changes of lighting color temperature, exposure, blocking, composition and timing to make good work. If I do stuff well I get happy clients. That's a dangling carrot in which I am always interested. 

Today I built a gallery with a couple hundred images on my Smugmug.com site. My thought was to share it not only with my VSL readers but also the corporate clients who may never see my other work beyond my regular,  meager marketing efforts. I'll share it with them via an e-mail blast and a few handwritten letters. 

I'd love to know how you like the gallery and whether I should do more galleries of different photographic subjects. We have a pretty extensive archive to play with. I'd hate for all that work to just sit there and not pull its own weight......

particulars for this image: shot with a Sony a99 (yes, I even had one of those) and the Sony 70-200mm f2.8 (which, so far, has been the best of all the f2.8 zooms I've owned). 

Here's the link to the gallery: 


Mike Marcus said...

What a marvelous collection of photos. Beyond just being successful and very good at what you do, this collection of photos tells me that you have had an incredibly fascinating life in photography. Yes, I would very much like to see more photo sets from those that you have not shared with us as part of past posts. Thanks very much for taking the time to share this set!

Russ Goddard said...

What a pleasure to move thru this set! So vibrant and colorful (when appropriate), admiring with each click or swipe the skill and artistry of you and your subjects. PLUS, what fun to guess which play a photograph is from - and feel like I'm right there in the audience!