Another look at photographs from the GH5S. Just looking at color and tone today. Also, a nod to the Sigma 30mm f1.4 Contemporary lens.


Bruno Palombo said...

Question: Are these all jpegs from the camera or post-processed from raw?

I have a really hard time with oranges opening my Panasonic raws (GX7, G85, GM1) in Lightroom, and usually affects sunset, fruits but also skin.
Sometimes the camera jpeg show really nice gradients on the color but lightroom turns everything the same pink. The G85 camera profile is a bit better, but not always.

Have you had similar problems?

As an amateur I enjoy the flexibity of post-processing raw files and I´m mostly satisfied with the results, but knowing it´s not a limit of the camera but of the interpreting software (or my processing skills) drives me mad sometimes.
Maybe the famed "poor panasonic colors" are to some degree fault of poor Adobe defaults?

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Nope. Straight out of the camera Jpegs. Just the way Panasonic intended them to be.

pixtorial said...

Panasonic has done a great job of incremental improvements to their color science. My last Panny body was the G7, and I found that time after time I was preferring the colors over my Oly bodies. Since then, the G85 and GH5 have further cemented my opinion.

While we are shooting Fuji now, the Panasonic m43 cameras remain a strong choice for hybrid still/video shooters and I would never rule them out in the future.

And now just today we have word that Panasonic is releasing some full-frame contenders as well, with the Leica S mount no less. Interesting times.