Another black and white comparison. I just had to see which one I liked better.

In this case I prefer the color. I like the skin tone. It's got just the right amount of "eeriness" 

From our photographic coverage of the "Dracula" play at Zach Theatre. 


Gato said...

I'm with you on the color and the skin tones. Just enough of an otherworldly look.

Alf said...

The color is only shades of pink. Nothing really giving more meaning. I prefer Black and White.


David S said...

The first thing I see in the colour version is the highlight in the hair, then my eye goes along her arm to her hand resting on the bedpost, then it flicks to the colour cast on the pillows. Missing her face completely.
The monochrome version looks lovely to me. I'm drawn immediately to her face by the framing of her hair. The way you opened up the shadows on the right reveals the verticals there that mirror the vertical bedposts. I doubt that would work in colour as the red colour cast would interfere with where you want the eye drawn.
On another note, take the XPro 2. It's a holiday.

Michael Ferron said...

The B&W for me. Beautiful tones though the color looks great too.

Fred said...

I like the color in this one and black and white in the last one with the pillars.

Henk said...

Color for this one. Have a great vacation in Canada. Stay safe. We Will wait here for your return and your images from whatever camera you decided to take with you 🙂