"I'm sorry. I missed your last post with all the fancy bokeh from that 85mm Sigma ART lens (wide open). Can you post another one?"

This is Illiana (left). She's also in the Zach production of Christmas Carol. She'll steal the show because she's so incredibly talented. I photographed her at a rehearsal last weekend. Here's the file. It started life as a Jpeg in the Lumix S1. Do I love the camera? Yeah, it's pretty neato. 


MikeR said...

Love it!

Robert Roaldi said...

Are there any online galleries devoted only to bokeh?

MikeR said...

Would you say that being a FF camera, that itself influences the results? Regardless of lens used, then, and traversing the hallways of your memories, would you say that regarding image quality, the S1 is the equal of the Nikon D700?