The second in a series of seriously over-processed images. Intentional?

How do you know where the boundaries of good taste are if you never push against them?

I think back over the course of my dalliances with photography and have come to realize that pushing into total failure was a remarkably good way to learn.


Rick Mach said...

I like this one better than the Austin skyline one. While over-processed it doesn't scream it as much.

Robert Roaldi said...

I don't know. The colour saturation seems to be off.

David said...

When I was getting my BFA at UGA, my photography professor had a saying:

“You don’t know if you’ve gone far enough until you’re sure you’ve gone too far.”

I still apply that today.

Gato said...

When I was learning darkroom work someone told me "go too far, then back off."

You don't know you've gone far enough until you've gone one step too far.

Jerry said...

When I raced motorcycles, the guys who won were the guys who knew how to just barely not cross the line that caused you to crash. Unfortunately, you have to crash multiple times to find out where the line is. Crossing the line in photography is safer, but teaches the same lessons.