Ever set time aside to take jaunt through your own photographs? I like to do so when I'm working on a new style, a new project or a new book of images.

Determined young swimmer at a swim meet.
Belinda in Verona.

The USMS Short Course Nationals. Austin, Texas. 2007.

Same as above. 

Alanis Morrisette, in concert in Austin, Texas
Leica M3+50mm Summicron.

An old favorite camera; consigned to history, coupled with an 85mm Cine lens.
A camera from that too short era when Sony made really fun cameras.
You know, before they made crappy cameras with good sensors inside.

Heidi patiently posing for book #2.
Minimalist Guide to Studio Lighting.

Studio Dog in repose. On green screen.

from an earlier "Janis" play.

also from an earlier "Janis" play. 
Jet Age.

S. Korean Photographer in a Chinese restaurant in Berlin, Germany. 

End of day bike commute. 

the formative camera for B. Just right for her...OM1

Ben looks into the 35mm Summicron on an M6.
At Asti Trattoria in Austin, Texas.

Kirk working the Samsung booth at Photo Expo, NYC, in 2013.

The Sigma fp was not my first rodeo with a "finder only" camera. 
Do you recognize the Pentax K-01?
It was actually a very good picture taking machine....

Austin Children's Museum. Hands on. All the time.

What last week's academy award winner looked like in 1991....
And below. 

Bad Cappuccino. 

Young Genius at work. His own early workstation in his father's office. 
Never too early to start them on bad work habits. 

Lou. One of my favorite magazine covers.

A freezing afternoon in Paris.

lecturing to a small group of photographers at UT Austin.

B. Person with whom I have celebrated the last 40 Valentine's Days.

Shooting Samsung. One of the few photographers in the world to own 
a Samsung Galaxy NX camera....
Out on the back porch.

Noellia on the banks of Barton Springs.

Jana, on our "get to know you" photo shoot. 
She's the face of my LED Lighting book. 

Michelle looking fabulously elegant.

The opening of Zach's Topfer Theatre.
Meredith McCall.